Installing the wiqid package

Back to home page The wiqid package for R statistical software provides Quick and Dirty functions for the analysis of Wildlife data.

There is an introduction to wiqid here. The package is still getting major changes, meaning that your old scripts may not work with new versions of wiqid.

Some of the simpler Bayesian MCMC functions in wiqid are coded in R, others use JAGS and the rjags package.

Installing wiqid

wiqid is now on CRAN !

You can now install wiqid and the packages it requires from within R with the command install.packages("wiqid"). You can also go to the Packages > Install package(s)... menu item and select wiqid from the pop-up list, but with more than 11,000 packages on the list, I find typing easier.

After installing wiqid

For full functionality, you will need to have JAGS installed, as well as the rjags, secr and shiny packages.

1. JAGS: If you are using Mac or Ubuntu, check out the notes here or here. Go to the JAGS download page. A link at the top of the page gives you the latest installer; on Windows, this takes you to an HTML page with a choice of installers, depending on the version of R you are using. Install in the default directory.

JAGS 4 was released in October 2015; to use JAGS 4 you need version of rjags_4-4 or later.

2. rjags: Once you have installed JAGS, you can install the rjags package in R with


Check that it has been installed correctly and can link to JAGS by doing


3. secr and shiny: You can install these in R with

install.packages(c("secr", "shiny"))

Both these packages depend on a number of other packages, and they will also be downloaded automatically.

Latest devel version

wiqid is hosted on the Github repository here. Changes will appear on Github before being made in the version released on CRAN. if you want to install the devel version, install the R package githubinstall then use:


As usual, devel versions should work properly but have not been fully tested: use with care!

Updated 25 July 2017 by Mike Meredith